Does Your Retirement Plan Look Like This?

Junk Drawer of Investments
Comprehensive Retirement Plan

Would You Rather it Look Like This?

Is your financial future beholden to a junk drawer of various investments, portfolios, and financial products. Or have you put together a fully mapped written retirement income plan?

We’ve never understood how anyone could truly retire without being confident where their income in retirement was coming from. In retirement, income is the outcome.  

And with the decline in the availability of pensions, and the insecurity many of our clients voice about the future of Social Security, the main income source for many people will be the distributions from the assets they’ve accumulated during their working years.

If you find yourself in that situation we highly recommend you call us to set up an appointment,  and we’ll help you get started on a written retirement income plan so that you walk out of our office with greater confidence about your financial future. 

We understand not all firms do this, but at Udell Associates, we feel strongly that retirement without the certainty of income really isn’t retirement at all.

We believe everyone deserves a great retirement, that isn’t filled with worry about money, but is instead full of choices, freedom, and joy. And that great retirement starts with a plan.

So come in and visit, and let’s get you on your way … to a great retirement!