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Udell Associate’s Estate Planning Process

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For death and taxes, see a traditional estate planner. For life and living, see us.

“DEATH and TAXES”. They are certainties in life. You may even think they are the focus of all estate planning. But wouldn’t it be great if estate planning discussions revolved around life and living? How would you feel if you knew you and your family could enjoy the benefits of that plan immediately? With Udell Associates, you can! Udell Associates uses a revolutionary estate planning process called the Wealth Enjoyment System®. The Wealth Enjoyment System® is a well-defined estate planning process, implemented by the Estate Planning Design Team at Udell Associates, centered on helping you focus on your goals – personal and financial. Rather than dwelling on how much tax you may pay or how much money to leave your heirs, this positive process helps enable you and your family to get enjoyment out of your estate during your lifetime as well as works to maximize the legacy you leave to your Family and to Charity. All about life and living, The Wealth Enjoyment System® is an entirely new approach that turns a once-negative planning problem into an emotionally rewarding, understandable, and positive solution.