What Your Epsilon™ Says About Your Financial Situation

Your Epsilon™Description
35Good for you! You’re feeling fantastic about your financial plan! We’re still here if you have any questions or want a second opinion about your financial plan.
34 to 18You’re feeling fairly confident about your financial plan, but there is still some room for improvement. If you want to call us, we’re happy to give you some feedback.
17 to 7You’re feeling somewhat confident in your financial plan, but you definitely have some issues that might be causing you stress. We’re happy to give you ideas that could help you relieve some of your stress.
6 to -6You seem uncertain about whether your financial plan is meeting all your goals. Maybe there are some areas where you’re more confident than others, but a second opinion could help you discover ways to improve that confidence. We’re happy to help! Give us a call!
-7 to -35Good news! There’s nowhere to go but up! If you’d like to hear more about how you can gain some more confidence in your situation, give us a call.

How Your Epsilon™ is Determined

The Epsilon Assessment uses something called a 7-point Likert Scale to determine your Epsilon™. Each point of the scale has a specific value assigned to it. 

7 Point Likert Scale


Likert PointLIkert Point DescriptionValue
1Strongly Disagree-5
3Somewhat Disagree-1
4Don’t Know0
5Somewhat Agree1
7Strongly Agree5

Once you’ve answered all 7 questions, the values are added up to determine your Epsilon™.