About Us

We truly believe in Wealth Enjoyment.

We have found that current financial planning is more about rates of return and legal documents than enjoying your life. Wealth Enjoyment planning should be about giving you more time to spend with your kids, take vacations and contribute to your favorite causes.

Because your most valuable asset isn't your
real estate...



It's Your TIME!


What's Different about Udell Associates?

Everything we do for our clients starts with our commitment to increase enjoyment of their wealth.

Most affluent families understand the need for planning, but they dread the process. The issues seem gloomy, the solutions are complicated, and advisors spell it out in jargon and spreadsheets.

Instead, we offer our clients simplicity, prosperity, and confidence.

How do we do that?

Simplicity? With four decades of experience we know how to simplify the right questions and ask them in right way. The professionals at Udell Associates strive to always present lucid and impartial planning options, so you can easily make informed decisions. Once you feel satisfied, we guide the implementation and oversight of your plan.


Prosperity? We have learned that having substantial wealth isn’t the same as enjoying prosperity. In fact, most affluent families feel uneasy about sustaining their lifestyle for a lifetime. We can measure prosperity for you, and you will probably discover you have enough assets to lock in your lifestyle goals and lock out your doubts. Then we will increase control and help minimize tax erosion for your reserve assets so you will achieve your legacy goals for your family and your charities. 


Confidence? Nothing energizes enjoyment like confidence in your future, the future of generations to follow, and the future value of your legacy.  We give you a solid framework to support lifestyle goals and benchmarks to keep you in control, so you feel confident and free to enjoy the appreciation that should come with a successful life.

Too good to be true?

Well, it comes with a touchstone to test how we think and how we work. Just ask yourself—do you feel more informed, do you feel more prosperous, do you feel more confident?